Last year in October I died my hair dark, because I've had been longing to do that for a while. I really loved dark hair and I still do, but time flies by so fast and I can't imagine myself not changing. That's why I like to say that things always change. Never get too comfortable. Once you get too comfortable you will start going down in life. 

So, back to light hair? For now my roots are as dark as they were and the rest of my hair is bleached partly. After some time I will go to the hair salon again - to tone it to more of a colder colour and probably to bleach it a little bit more. I'm so glad that I decided to go to one of the best hair stylists in my home town - the result is amazing. My hair feels even more healthier that they were before bleaching. Incredible. By the way, I loved the salon so much; the interior was all grey and silver, minimalistic and with printed wallpaper you can see in the picture. I don't usually like wallpapers, but this one complimented the design so much. 

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