what's in my school bag?


As I have to go to my college almost everyday and I spend most of the time away from home, I like to bring a lot of stuff with me. But at the same time I hate carrying heavy bag with me all the time. That's why I love having a backpack. This one is from Zara, you can find it here.

First things first - I can't live without a planner, so I try to keep it close to me at all times. I write down all my lecture times, home works, meetings and plans. Also, I have a few notebooks with me, where I like to write down things to remember, recipes, thoughts, plans, etc. Even though I could do it all in my phone or computer, holding a pen in my hand seems better to me.

These things are not in my bag 24/7, but, as I love taking pictures and filming, I usually have my camera and an extra lens in my bag. Also, my MacBook Air; sometimes after school or between lectures I like to work on my computer - do homework or blog. And, if I have my computer with me, I will always have an external hard drive too, because the memory of my computer is too small and I like to keep all my files there. 

I've  also borrowed a power bank for my phone, because I spend all my day using my phone; and I always have my headphones with me, because I spend a lot of time walking alone or driving in a bus, so I like to listen to good music instead of silence. By the way, I make monthly playlists on my Spotify. Check them out here

And, as most of girls do, I have some beauty things with me too. For surprise, there's not a lot. I have a tangle teezer, a lip balm, a hand cream and some hygiene products. That's about it! Sometimes I bring a powder or other products with me, but that happens only if I stay in Riga with friends for the night. 


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