I'll vibe with u


pics from weheartit

It's raining outside, but only thing I have in my mind is the beach. I haven't properly been to the seaside this year, aside from the ZZ festival there. I wan't to just lay in the sand and enjoy the warm sun and the water. The weather in Latvia hasn't been that bad, there has been a lot of hot days and luckily I've gotten some tan, but it rains too often here. Can't call it rain, more like thunderstorms all the time! Few days ago my aunt said something about going to some place warm next year and I felt some kind of tingle in my heart haha. 
I have a plan to make this summer amazing. Well, not a plan, more like a goal. The road trip through Europe is cancelled, because my friend crashed her car, but I think I will definitely find some more adventurous and  fun things to do. X

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