Feels so good to finally just sit down and get shit done. I can't remember the last time I actually did my homeworks, at least this early. I usually start studying at 11pm but end up watching youtube videos anyway haha. I just wrote my public speech in English and oh my god, I can't even write anymore? I read it through and for some reason I made so many mistakes haha. Maybe it is because I feel quite tired (as always after school) or maybe because I haven't written anything in English for a long long time. Now I have to memorize the text and go back to school to do the public speech. Ok, not so public, because I was too lazy to write it last week and speak in front of the class. 
I hope I'll still have energy later this day, because I've planned studying for my physics exam, do my research work and go for a run or a bike ride later. I really hope I will stay this motivated for a long time, because I haven't been doing ANYTHING for weeks. Or even months. Have a nice day! 

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