Last few weeks have been amazing. I've barely slept, and I'm so proud that the amount of naps I take during the day has reached zero. Almost everyday has been busy - doesn't matter if I'm studying, working, meeting my friends or hanging out with my sister. I guess you start living and loving your life when you stop overthinking and complaining. 

It's almost 11PM, I'm sitting at my aunts apartment, waiting for her to pack her suitcase. We are going to Sicily in few hours! Can't wait to be there and see the beauty of Italy, even though it will probably rain most of the days. But rain has never stopped me from having fun and enjoying good moments. My sister, aunt and I will be there for 3 days, basically just for the weekend. Stay updated on my snapchat (@doloresa) and on my instagram (@doloresaonzule). See you soon! x

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