BLUSH. My aunt bought me this perfume last week. She knows how much I usually love Marc Jacobs perfume, so she saw this one and thought I would like it. I can't say they are my favorite, but maybe I will get used to the scent soon.

NAILS. Some time ago I decided I want longer nails again. I wash a lot of dishes at my work place, so usually my nails break after a long day at work. I had them for a month and last week they all came off haha. One by one while washing dishes. Have to go to the manicure soon!

 FAVORITE SALAD. Recently I was at a vegan party with few of my fellow vegan friends and made this salad. My aunt and I randomly invented this salad at some house party. It has quinoa, lentils, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, red onion. The flavors go so good together! I will definitely share the full recipe on my youtube channel as soon as I get the tripod I need. By the way, if you haven't seen my latest video, go over to my channel (here) and check it out!

MUSIC. Lately I've been listening to lots of rap and hip hop again. I used to spend all my time listening to Kanye, Asap Rocky, Tyler the Creator and other artists, but then I kinda stopped and started liking more of indie music. Now my thug vibe is back haha. Kanyes new album is constantly playing, as well as Kendrick Lamars new album and few others. 

Tomorrow I have event to be at. It is Nike Air Max x Benji Knewman giveaway party which I will go to with my sister, Elizabete. Going to tell you how it was tomorrow or later this week! x

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