As I have said it before - I don't have any motivation on weekdays. I can't study, can't focus on serious things, all I think about is the weekend. I keep dreaming about Fridays when I can go home, relax and party a bit. Last Saturday 2 of my friends and I drove to Tukums with two strangers. We had mutual friends, but anyway, they were strangers to us. It was fun. Even more fun when we got there. Beerpong championship, good dj, cool people around.. What else do you need. That definately was a night to remember. 

Whats new? On October 10th, it was my 18th birthday. Finally legal! Had an amazing birthday celebration with my friends. The next day I had the biggest hangover ever and I had to celebrate with my relatives. I struggled to keep my eyes open and drank only a glass of champagne. Crazy. 
What else? I've died my hair! On Monday I finally went to the hair stylist and died my hair few tones darker. I can't really get used to it yet, but it will come with time! I will post a few pics later this week. 

Next week is autumn holidays and I have so much to get done in school. I've been getting such bad grades and I don't even try to change anything. I hope sooon I will get myself to finally do what I have to do, but for now - I'm watching Scream Queens and ignoring the 3 physics tests I've to write tomorrow. 

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