JULY // 04072015


July, hi. Last days have been so hot, oh, how I love days like this. Yesterday my sister, mom, aunt and I hung out together, took a taxi and drove to a resturant called 'Ostas Skati' (something like 'port views'). It was so nice,  my sis and I drank the usual aperol spritz, ate some good food and enjoyed the views. After finishing our meals we ordered strawberry daiquiris, then some more.. We took a cab and drove to aunts apartment. But when we were almost there, she looked out of the window, saw the cafe/restaurant that is a short walk from her home and she asked if we want some more cocktails. So we went to the restaurant, drank the cocktails and went home. Such a good time. Today we went shopping, I will show what I bought tomorrow.

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