Lately, or could I say all summer, I've been having so much fun. Even though the days might seem quite boring at first, when the sun goes down, I'm having fun. Adventures and time spent with good people is what I live for. I haven't really written and shared my daily life moments or anything about how's my life going for a long time and I think it's about time. 


This years positivus can't really top last years, but still, it was beautiful. Comparing this and last years festival, this time it was quite stressful at start. Last year my friends and I just bought the tickets and drove there. Bottles opening already when in the cars, food bought on the road, no big planning or anything. That is what I like. This time my friend really wanted to make it even better by planning everything out and of course we were stressed. Obviously when we got there it was fine, but at the end of the day, carefree jumping in adventures is how I like to do it. 
The festival was nice and I can't wait for the next one. Next year it's 10 year anniversary of the festival so it will be even bigger and better. 

After positivus of course there were days when you just sleep and try your best to recover from the good moments you had. This time it was a little bit easier but still. 

I'm like an owl. As soon as the sun goes down I'm inspired, I want to road trip, have adventures and just spend the night having fun. I usually think of a blog posts at night before going to sleep and the next morning my inspiration is gone so I end up not posting anything. So I'm writing this at night, because I know, even if I think of all things I want to share, I won't remember them the next day. 

I just came home from a nice, chill evening with my friends. We were at a pub, even though it's Monday. My friend works there and my two girlfriends went to see him. We ended up just sitting outside of the pub while it's closed, at a table in a bigger company than we started. A friend of mine who I met in Positivus just bought himself a motorcycle so he drove us around our home town one by one and it was amazing. It feels so good to just hop on his motorbike spontaneously and enjoy the speed. 
Yesterday my two girlfriends and I were walking around and when we started to go home two my friends just stopped on the road and were willing to drive us home. Near or home the friend who drove the car asked if we have to be home. I said nope, drive us somewhere else! And he did. We ended up in a forest, trying to find our way back home. I just love these little adventures that makes my nights better. I don't even need any drugs or alcohol to feel high, all I want is some spontaneous adventures. I want to feel excitement and a little fear. I love not knowing what's the plan, where are we going. I love living in the moment and not caring.

Most of the pics are from my phone, instagram, snapchat. If you want to see my updates more often, then you should definately follow me there. Instagram: @doloresaonzule and snapchat: @doloresa

Have a nice day! Kisses, Doloresa x

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