WARM DAYS // 08062015


Even though there haven't been days like 'oh my god, it's so hot, lets tan and go swimming' yet, this summer feels fine. I spend almost everyday with my friend Victoria, we always find something fun to do. Few days ago we made a summer bucketlist with 31 things and we have done 4 already (in four days!!). One of the things was to go to the cinema together. That was on Monday, the weather was not too cold, not too hot. Her mom drove us to Riga and we went to see the Pitch Perfect 2. It was so good! My eyes teared up a little when they sang the last song :')
After the movie, we walked around the Old Riga a bit, sat down and drank our soy frappes. Later we drove back to our hometown and made some vegan sushi. Some friends came by, and we had a calm party. Have a nice day! x

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