SUMMER // 02062015


One of the things I like the most about summer is that you can stay up late, go on adventures and have fun without worrying about going to school the next day. Even though school is not over for me yet - I still have one (thank god it's the only one) exam on Friday. It's in culturology. I havevn't studied anything for it yet, since the summer has started I've been hanging out with my friend, coming home late and I don't have the time for studying. But it's alright. This school year has been really lazy, but I'm quite pleased with my final grades. And I can't believe I'm gonna graduate next year already.

Here are some pictures from yesterday, when Victoria and I took our bikes and cycled to a calm place. We listened to good music, wandered around and smoked shisha til the sun went down and the full moon showed it's face. Beautiful.

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