JUNE TIL NOW // 11062015


1. Picture of my brother, sister and I on the day the lil guy graduated his kindergarden! // 2. ZZ championship/festival which happened on the beach. It was so hot and sunny, but later everybody there was dripping wet and trying to hide from the rain. // 3. My little cute kittens! Lovelovelove them. // 4. Drinking some vodka cocktails with lots of orange syrup. Too much. 
1. & 2.  The day Victoria and I drove to a quiet pond to smoke some shisha and just chill. // 3. & 4. Last Saturday, when I checked out my brothers treehouse and realized it's good enough to sleep there. So Victoria and I slept there, it was so cool 
1. The next morning after sleeping in the treehouse we went to the stadium for a lil run. // 2. We made an amazing ice cream from my usual smoothie. Bananas + blackcurrant = simple yet so good. Oh, and don't mind those vodka cocktails in the background. Again. This time with bubblegum syrup. 
1. & 2. & 4. I told you everything about it in the last post already, haha // 3. My sister and I made these damn good meringue cookies. But with a twist - instead of the egg whites, we used aqua faba, so they were vegan. Still good. 
1. & 2. Still the monday I told you about right here. Vegan sushi after the day in Riga. Oh, and I really try to take as much polaroids as I can. They are so cute.

Some of these photos are from my instagram (@doloresaonzule) and some are just from my camera roll. I always take photos with my phone, because it's always in my hand haha. About that - I have snapchat as well! If you want to see what I post, add me! It's @doloresa
Love, x

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