Hey! My trip to Stockholm was short, but beautiful. I met lots of new people, partied, enjoyed the beautiful city, even though I was in Stockholm only for like 5 hours. The weather was truly beautiful - clear and warm. Real spring. Only the next day after I arrived to Latvia, it started to snowing again. After long period of warm weather and no snow. It just happened and I was sad. I came back from Stockholm on Thursday, around 13 pm. I had a friends birthday planned that evening, so I tried to get the most of sleep, so I could at least last for few hours. On Friday I had a poetry event. I had planned to go with my friend, but she texted me that she can't, because she had some health issues. At the same time a friend who I met while on the ferry texted me and asked if I want to go with her. Everything worked out nicely, after the event we partied and the next day was boring, I slept all day. 
I hope you had a great week! Tell me what did you do in the comments :) x

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