Hey! Long time no see. I don't even know why I haven't been active lately, I guess I'm just having a chilled time, being lazy. School has been crazy, so many bad tests I have to rewrite. But it's okay for now, because of the holidays! No school for the next week. 
I've been loving the weather, soon it will be so warm! It would be perfect now, if there was no wind. 
I have planned most of my days now - today I will celebrate my dear friends 18th birthday, in a guest house near my town. It's theme is 60's, but I don't think I have anything to wear.. Tomorrow probably will be a chill day, relaxing after the party. I think I will do a spring cleaning if I won't be too lazy. On monday I will go to school, to rewrite one test and thats all. The exciting part of the week starts on Tuesday. I'm going to Stockholm again! Wait for photos. It's quite a spontaneous trip, I like it. I'm going to be home on thursday. In the evening my friend Krista turns 18, few girls and I will celebrate it at my sauna. That's all I've planned for next week, will see what I'm going to do the other days! 

This picture was taken at night, when I tried to capture the moon. It was big and orange. But when I tried to take a photo, it turned out to look like this haha. 
Love you and see you soon!

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  1. Interesting picture, have a good luck with your school tests! :)