This wednesday it was Shadow day in Latvia, when students 'shadow' people with their dream profession. Me and my friend and classmate Anna shadowed a interior designer and we loved it so much! When we were done, we drove back to our home town and my sister called me, saying she wanted me to go to Skrillex concert that day. Such a spontaneous idea, love it! And later we drove to concert. So much fun, love Skrillex! He was like my emo day love, haha. I always love to go concerts, good emotions and well spent time! Last two days weren't that interesting, school and thats all. But today my family and I will go to Circus. It's a surprise for my little brothers birthday. He really wanted to go to Circus and I hope he will love it! Later this evening I'm going to old friends 18th birthday party. I haven't seen her for such a long time! Can't wait! x
Here are some pics from wednesday -

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