Good morning! How are you all? February have started quite nicely for me. On 3rd my classmates and I drove to theatre. "Shaping". Such a good one. We all came out and were amazed, couldn't stop thinking about it. I made some outfit pictures before I drove there, gonna post them this evening or tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Yesterday I worked out for the first time in a long long time. I went running in -2*C. I didn't feel so cold, but I definately feel my legs now haha. That was like the 3rd time running in two years. That's crazy. I don't do sports at school, because I can't really workout, I'm released from sports. I have arthritis, but I can't make it as an excuse anymore. I have to work out!! I want to have a bomb ass body til summer. I'll try to run every other day and do some exercises when I don't run. 
Yesterday actually was kinda weird. There is flu going around in this time of the year and lot's of teachers and kids are ill already. So I went to school, feeling good and refreshed after my first cup of coffee in a long time. Then at physics I started to feel like my body is fighting the flu, I was hot and cold at the same time. At my last lesson, german language (before 4pm) I was shivering and chilly. So I tried to hold myself and act like I'm okay. After the lesson my friend asked me if I'm going to run that day, I said I feel ill, but "NO I'M GOING TO BE OKAY I CAN'T GIVE UP SO EASILY!!". I was going home with thoughts like 'be strong, be strong, I can't be ill, I have things to do, I can't just sleep and let the flu take over me!', I started walking with like streching, bigger steps. At home I streched some more, jumped a little bit. And I was okay. That's amazing haha. Few hours before I felt like this is it, I'm ill, but now , with power of mind, I'm alright. 
Well, that's a lesson for me. I really believe in power of mind and thoughts. Now I'm going to think only about good things. I will motivate myself by thinking good thoughts and hugging myself in my mind. Everything is going to be alright, if I'll want it to be so. 
Sorry for the long post about fighting flu, I haven't posted anything in a long time, wanted to connect with you somehow. 
Now tell me - do you believe in power of thoughts? Have you ever been in a situation like me yesterday? Love you all, kisses. 

A detail from upcoming outfit. The skull bracelet is from Choies. 

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