Large waters are the one thing I love the most and one thing I fear the most. I've never been a good swimmer, I could say I learnt to swim properly only last year. I love the feeling when you swim, when the water surrounds your body. It's like flying. When I was in Egypt I just couldn't wait for the moment when I could just get in the water and relax. I didn't swim for the first days, but then the day came. When I went to the Red Sea, which was really close to our hotel, got in the water which was so warm, warmer than the water in pools, I finally felt the happiness. Just relaxing my muscles, not doing anything but floating in the salty water. That is what I love. I wish I lived in a place where it's summer all year. Oh, I would love to just wake up and start my day with a morning swim.
   At first, when I snorkeled in Egypt, I was a little bit scared. But, weirdly, I love to be scared. I wasn't sure about my swimming skills, so at first I held on my travelling companions shoulder. I was stiff and scared. But then I saw the beautiful underwater world. I saw the infinite sea depths. Magnificent corals and colorful fish. Three dolphins who swam just under me. Few meters after the corals, I saw just a black infinity. It looked like there was nothing there, just a black, misterious depht. I felt scared, but relaxed. I was happy.
   I always like to do things I'm scared of. I always try to be cautious, but at moments like these, I just can't. I want to do things, that I'm scared from. It doesn't matter if it's overcoming your fear of hights, deep waters or just of socializating, communicating. Try to overcome a little (or big) fear of yours every day. Last week, when I was at circus, my mom said I have to take a photo with my brother and a monkey, I said, no I will pose with this snake. I'm kinda scared of snakes, but I saw the chance and I took it, I overcame a little fear of mine.
   What I'm trying to say is - don't live your life in fear. You live only once (over used motto, I know), do whatever you want. I've always been the one who always sat in comfort zone, not wanting to go out. I didn't like that, I had to change it. So take chances, be spontaneous, overcome your fears and be happy. Always.

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