Few more hours for this year to be officially done. This has been an amazing year for me - lots of good memories to remember. I hope 2015 will be even better! Happy New Year guys! x

My year started at my classmates house, it was so fun. First pic is with his dog, he was so tired that day. In the middle - at my sisters surprise birthday party. My start of 2014 was really full with good food and smoothies.. 

I spent few of months at my photography courses. I barely remember anything from them, but I sure loved the feeling - just going to Riga, it's dark outside already, I stop by a vegan cafe, take a smoothie and go to the courses. I wish I still had those courses - just because the vegan cafe were few steps away haha. When we were on Plein Air with the course mates, it started to rain/snow outside so we stopped by a cute cafe to warm up with some tea. 
Lots of mornings were so so beautiful. Like the one on February morning before going to school. Spring came early, so I was happy about the grass. One day my class and I were in Riga, some of us went for a big burger on our free time. 

I love that I have the oppurunity to explore new cafes and restaurants. I like fancy foods haha. And this year really was full of new restaurants. I cycled with my friend when the weather got warmer, drank smoothies again and some coffee + macarons after visiting doctors. Did some shopping and enjoyed food again. 

April was one of the exploring food and drink options as well. Also I made lots of smoothies, went on power walks and enjoyed time at Riga. 

On May my little kitty cat was born. Oh, love him so much even though he is not mine anymore. Had great experience having brunch at skyline bar. So beautiful. May was a warm month, I went to buy my positivus tickets and I was sooo hot, I had to buy an ice cream cocktail, haha. 

June started with a party where I had to photograph.. Lots of sangria, punsch and wine. Me and my friend Anna promised each other we would go running every other day.. Ended up with running one time only, haha. Also on June I saw my favorite band live for the second time. 

July was definately the best month.. It started with celebrating my friends Victorias birthday, which ended up crazy fun. Then my family and I went to Rundales palace, which is always amazing to visit. And the my favorite 3 days of this year.. Positivus. Ohoh, can't wait for the next year. Such an amazing memories, fun with friends and seeing my fav bands live. Amazing. 

On August I spent some quality time on beach, first time swimming in 2014. That's quite crazy, because I usually open the swimming season on May or June. Explored some restaurants again and had the best garden party ever. Met new friends, had a good time. Such a power bomb getting me ready for the new school year. 

September started with seeing my fav band live again. So good. This month was quite chilled month, with sitting at coffee shops, reading books, going on trips with classmates, enjoying coffee with friend and listening to Cherub. 

October always is the favorite month of the year, because it's my birthday then! On my birthday I met Annas little doggie. Had to make some photos with my lovely kitten. Did some shopping for winter, woke up early to see the sunrise and spent time with Victoria and shisha. 

This November will be unforgetable. My vacation to Egypt was breathtaking (and I still haven't showed you all the pics). Egypt is one of the highlights this year. Also, all the concerts. Saw my faves 2 times on November and saw SOHN live as well. Love love love. 

This is the last day of December. Last day of 2014. Page 365 of 365. I've had good time with my classmates, friends and family. 
Lots of music, fun, love, happiness. I want for this year to always stay in my memory. 

Thank you all for being with me all this time, see you next year! Lots of love for you. 


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