I'm the kind of person who takes photos of my drinks, food or anything else that gets in my hands. I like to later scroll through my camera roll, look at pictures and remember the day it was taken, even though it usually is a picture of a drink. I'm more likely to take a photo of a moment without my face in it. Here are some pictures I've have taken lately that didn't make it to Instagram haha. 

1. Enjoying a gingerbread latte with my friend in Riga / 2. A Christmas latte with lots of whip cream (because there is a big can of whipping cream at cinema and you can put on as much as you want hehe) before seeing The Hunger Games: Mockingjay / 3. Another latte in Riga. It's strange how I always drink lattes everywhere, even though I like my coffee black and strong or maybe sometimes a flat white. / 4. A glass of champagne with my sister when we were at the spa (I'll make a short post about it) / 5. Enjoying some drinks with few of my classmates before the Christmas ball at school / 6. Caesar salad last weekend with the girls of my family after a Christmas concert. 

I hope you had a great weekend! What is your plan for this Christmas? x

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