I'm such a bad blogger.. Finally I have so many photos and stories to post, but I'm just delaying everything again. Lately I've been a bit down, some sad things have happened to one of my closest friends, and if she is sad, I'm sad too. My grades are getting worse and worse, I have only few days to fix that, because soon it's Christmas holidays. Anyway, lately I've been to so much concerts. This year has been musical in general haha. I've seen my favorite Latvian band live 8 times since 31st may and I've had opportunity to watch other favorite bands live as well.

Last concerts I've been to:  1. My fav Latvian band Carnival Youth on 22nd november  //  2. SOHN on 27th november  //  3. Carnival Youth again on 29th november  //  4. Enrique Iglesias on 7th december. 

I really hope next year will be even more filled with music and good memories. Have a nice day x

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