I'm back home.
Not too happy I would say. Past week in Egypt was incredible. Mornings by the Red Sea and pools, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling. Salty water, skin, hair. Not caring about anything. Every problem just passing by me, not through me (as it's always happening). Warm evenings on balcony. That's the life I like. Just living easy, with no thoughts about tomorrow or yesterday. It's just today and nothing else. 
The good thing is that I had three days to get back on the track. Yesterday I didn't do anything special, slept too much, relaxed, watched the missed series on TV, then baked a cake. Today my family and I celebrated mine and my sisters name days (mine is on 18th, sisters on 19th). Tomorrow it's Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia - public holiday. I'm going to study and try to catch up with all school work I've missed. Or maybe go to Riga. Riga is the prettiest on November 18 - I get to see beautiful decorations and celebrate my name day. 
Some posts about Egypt coming soon - I didn't take lots of photos, but still. This vacation was more about enjoying life through my eyes, not phone screen. I will try to post something soon, even though my macbook charger is dead. I'm now borrowing my aunts laptop and trying to buy a new charger. 
Kisses, Doloresa

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