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           As winter comes closer, rain changes to snow and everything becomes white, I try to put my white dresses deeper in the closet, so I wouldn’t blend in with the landscape. I usually wear something dark and simple, but a little daydreaming about spring and summer is never bad. One thing I really enjoy to look at no matter what season it is – wedding dresses. Even though wedding is not in my plans for the next few years, looking at beautiful princess-like Wedding Dresses could be called my hobby.
            It is every girls dream to once have wonderful wedding wearing most beautiful dress you have ever seen. When I was a little girl, I used to daydream about what would my wedding dress look like. I had a vision that my wedding dress would be long and flowing ivory color vintage dress with laces and pearls. Maybe snow white trumpet/mermaid dress with little diamonds. Or lace dress for beach wedding. Oh, I could continue to think and write about all the dresses I would love to wear. Even though I am a minimalistic person who prefers very little details in dresses and outfits in general, when I’m thinking about wedding dresses, my typical style fades away.
            When I want my fantasy to keep flowing, I usually look at Wedding Dresses Online  it is easy to see what’s in style this and next season. All the wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding party dresses.. I could spend all day looking at them. One of my dream professions still is a party planner and stylist, and planning weddings probably would be my favorite thing to do.
            I love going to weddings. Really, I do. This particular type of human gathering has a lot of pomp and flourish that the world needs more. Sure, to many people it is an empty ritual. To others, it might seem like a waste of time. To me, it is a great occasion to get dressed up and participate in a ritual that is packed with meaning.
            Seeing all the kinds of wedding dresses makes me go crazy – crazy in love. Looking at the dresses gives me some kind of inner satisfaction that keeps me going. Long and short, modern and vintage, beach and classic.. It all makes me think how will I be able to choose my wedding dress when the time comes. So I inspire now and when the day comes, it will be much easier to find the dress.

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dress #1 // dress #2 // dress #3

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