Only few days ago I was carelessly sitting at restaurant, sipping Aperol Spritz and enjoying the good food. I thought it would be easier - just planning things and doing stuff. Combining my laziness and school. Nope. I forgot, it's not easy for me. My mind is like a blank page. Thinking about nothing. I need a day off even though I just had 3 months off and it's Sunday today. 
I'm in my bed, feeling awful. I hate being ill. I have few homeworks left to do, but I would loooove to just fall asleep right now.. 

All of these pics (except last three) are from last week, whist in restaurant 'Viesistaba Vintage' in Riga. The food was excellent.  
1st September was perfect - watched my fav band live, after that headed to friends apartment and drank champagne. After two hours of sleeping my friend and I got to bus station, drove back to our home and went to school. Love crazy days like that. I don't have any normal pics from that tho, but if you are particularly curious, you can check out my twitter (here)
The rest three pics are summary of my days lately. Loving cats and trying to draw. 

I hope you had an amazing first week of September! x

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