Yesterday was a good day! Woke up at aunts house, got ready and drove to Riga with the girls of my family and brother. While mother and bro were at cinema, my sister and I went to H&M. Bought something I've been wanting for a long time. You will see it a lot this fall. Later we met up again with aunt and went looking for some cold smoothies. Mom and brother joined us a bit later and we went to shore and got on a big boat. Drank some cocktails, enjoyed the warm sun and beautiful Riga.

The day before we were at the seaside. Tanned a bit, swam a bit. The water was cold tho. Later we drove to aunts house, got ready and drove to my favorite restaurant. I don't have almost any pictures from wednesday, only a few on my phone. I shared some of them on instagram, check out if you want! @doloresaonzule. I think I will post phone pics someday later.

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