The three days I spent far away from home with my old and new friends were amazing. I can't even describe how magical they were. I hope you understand, it was a week from now, but I still can't forget. I got home on Monday, got ready for a shower and then found myself in my bed the next day. Melted ice cream and cold coffee next to me, my bed full of bags. I didn't feel sleepy at all on Monday, but as I fell in the 16 hour long sleep paradise, I couldn't get myself out until today. I woke up with thoughts like, ''it is too early, stay in bed'', or ''it is summer, you don't have to do anything anyway''. But I finally got up, put on my jogging shoes and went to schools stadium to run. After that I enjoyed a cold shower and healthy breakfast. I'm back on track! Well, I'm not usually running, but I'm so proud of myself.

Every moment since Positivus, the biggest festival in Latvia, I have been in this bubble I couldn't get out. Everyday listening to the music from the festival (And I think I won't stop, because there were most of my favorite artists, like MØ, Carnival Youth, The 1975, The Kooks, Cherub, Temples, Future Island and more), sleeping in my little pool, sleeping on trampoline, sleeping on balcony. Almost everything I did involved sleeping. Now I think, I should stop being a couch potato and enjoy summer with less sleeping. Can't believe July is almost over!

Sorry for such a long post, you may have noticed that I don't write a lot lately. Here are some pics from Positivus'14, best experience yet.

The 1975 concert was amazing
Bad things...
...and good things.  Bubble tea was my fave
Night fun
Mornings at the beach

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