It's June 5th and I haven't done anything yet. Damn.  ''This summer is going to be wild!'' I remember myself saying that whilst sitting in bed, eating ice cream and sipping cola. (I have to get back to my healthy lifestyle ASAP!)
I have to say - May 31st was amazing. My class and I were on final of championship (I wrote a little about it here) Spent amazing time with my classmates. Got home on 11 pm or something. I had plans to celebrate with few of my friends, but I fell asleep. How stupid is that? But I was sooo exhausted.
I think I slept all of 1st June too.
Since Monday I've been taking my little bro to his soccer camp thing. It ends tomorrow and I think I should start running on early mornings. I hate sleeping in mornings, is that weird?

Here are some pics from May.
 1.-6. When my sister, aunt and I were in restaurant called 32.Augusts (I loved it so much. The sunset made it even better.) 
7.-9. Then, in the next morning we had brunch in Skyline Bar. The view was magnificent, must go there in evening too!
10.-11. After brunch we went to this little cute bakery to buy my bro and mom some goodies. 
12. Later, I bought tickets to festival! Can't wait!

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  1. What a busy time you have had even if you feel like you have not done much. I am loving the food you consumed. It is making me hungry right now. Make this a great summer for yourself. I hope to follow your journey. If you would like to stay in touch by following each other I hope you visit my blog and let me know. I would love to follow you on Bloglovin. Have a fabulous week.