I had a quite good Friday this week! I woke up with good mood and ready to rock ZZ championship. It's a crazy contest between classes throughout Latvia, where we compete to show courage, ingenuity, creativity and class unity. It was so fun. My class got 3rd place, sympathy award and voucher to final. Love love love it! It showed how united my class is. Can't wait for the final.

After that a few classmates and I celebrated at my place. Crazy! The day after was hard. Oh, so hard.. I felt like whole universe wants me not to get rid of hangover. I slept for less than hour, cleaned up my place and went to sleep in my bed, finally. After sleeping for a while I was ready to work. I went to my aunts place to mow the lawn. 
When I got home, I made a little home spa for myself. Felt so good after. 
Now I have cleaned my room and closet, drinking ice cold water and watching American History X. Good movie. 

This weeks essentials 
Glasses for the sunny days and fave chapstick I got recently. Get it here

I asked my aunt to buy me Bioderma Micellar Water, because I've had run out of it. She bought this one instead, aaaand I kinda like it!

These sneakers are sooo dusty, I never use them! Finally wore them on Friday, while on championship. 

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