Why do I always get inspiration to take photos when it's already too dark? And I'm too lazy to turn on the lights. Anyways, here is some pictures with my new fave nail polish - bleached neon from Maybelline.
Today I randomly drove to neighborhood town. I wanted to get something for my mother. As always I stopped by the make up stand and saw bleached neon nail polishes, they are so cute! This is the first nail polish I've got this year. Spring is the best time for the colors to pop! Last days it has been raining a lot. I like rain when it's warm outside, but it's not even that warm. But I'm not complaining! <3 
This week was sooo easy at school. We don't want to study, teachers don't want to teach. I've got 2 weeks to write and re-write some tests, time to get back on the top. Good luck to me! 
On Monday few friends and I randomly went to the cinema to see "The Other Woman". Oh god, I loved it so so much! I definitely recommend it to you, if you haven't seen it already. Such a good movie. 
I'm now listening to music from Cherub. I found them only yesterday, but that is the only music I've listened til this moment! Love them <3 

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