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I've been doing such a bad job blogging. It is 25th April and this is only the 4th post? What? School is making me so tired. So much work to do, I can't keep up. We work so hard both at school and home. So many time-consuming home works that sucks all the energy out of me. 

Today was nice tho, all our lessons were shortened from 40 to 30 minutes and the school day passed away so fast. Right after school most of students went to tidy up the park. It was fun to spend some time with my classmates. Didn't even get tired. Later, I sunbathed on my balcony like I've been doing it for the last days. So warm! Sun shines so hot, I get my tan and for the first time in my life I have freckles, haha! When it got colder, I went in and watched The Frankenweenie. Such an amazing movie. I think I love all of the Tim Burton's movies.. 

Here is a few pictures from last week! Kisses <3

Food from last Friday when my sister,  aunt and I visited restaurant "Neiburgs''. The vegan food was delish!!
1. Random pic while waiting for aunt 2. Loved the restaurants entrance! 3. Donuts we bought for our little cousin <3
1. Amazing beet salad at cousins place. 2. Saturday, celebrating grandpa's sisters birthday. 3. Enjoying the nice weather after school with salad, cucumber infused water and hookah. 

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  1. Great phone pictures!;)

    p.s. It might be once till now, it might be often, but thank you for having a second of your time to visit my blog...