Finally, I'm happy. I got my computer today. It may sound strange that I wasn't happy without a computer, because there are people in world with serious needs. But it is what is. I'm sitting here with my mac in my lap, blogging. Smiling. It has been such a stressful time. I had to make 5 videos in two weeks and it really got on my nerve. Always thinking about how I will do my home works and how I will make presentations. And I'm still worried about all this school thing, because I've been delaying everything.
Today was kinda nice. I woke up, ate a terrible breakfast, got ready and and went to bus station with sister. In Riga, we met up with our lovely aunt and headed to Apple store to get my computer. Then we went to a restaurant, ate and chilled there for a while. Later, we got back to our home town and went to celebrate our little relatives name day. We just got back and I'm so full. Cannot move.
Here is some pictures from yesterday when I made a smoothie with sea buckthorn and bananas. Vitamin bomb! After that I went for a little power walk and then met up with a friend.

By the way - what program / app do you use to edit photos? I've been using app in my phone, but it's not really handy :/

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