Last days through phone


This is how my camera roll looks lately. Lots of food, selfies and window shopping. Last week it was project week at my school and I must admit - one of the best I've had. We talked about future/dream professions and met few graduates who has interesting jobs and lots of advice. 
I woke up on Saturday in good mood, but still - I didn't feel so good after my Friday haha. My sister, mom and I went to Riga to meet my aunt and go to restaurant. So delicious. After that we spent the evening at aunts place with macaroons and did a little shopping on Sunday. 
Today I woke up really early, because I had to go to Riga, to doctor. I had my courses today also, so I had to think what to do from 11 am to 6:30 pm. I had my morning coffee and macaroons and then I went to cinema. I watched ''Endless Love'', loved it! After the movie I met my old classmate and we had a nice lunch.
This was a long long day in capital city. Now I'm happy to rest in my warm bed <3

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