First day of school after too weeks of rest, parties, lot of sleep and at the same time - lack of sleep.  It is so hard to wake up at 7 am and get ready. So hard to not fall asleep while in lessons, when it's still dark outside. Waiting for the moment when everything will turn green and spring is going to be everywhere. Outside and inside. In my head, closet, house. Everywhere. I will study more, exercise, just get out of my bed. I promise, I will.
But now I'm sitting with computer in my lap, phone in my hand and TV turned on in front of me. I just started to watch The Breaking Bad, but I still don't understand it properly. Maybe it's because I'm watching the season 5 and haven't seen any of previous seasons? Anyone else watching it? Can anyone tell me what has happened before? It would be so nice of you. 

One of the nicest smoothies I've ever made. One pineapple, one orange and one mango. And sore mouth afterwards, because of the pineapple haha. 

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