Finally got my honey! I was in theater last Friday, to Romeo and Juliet. I loved it! After the performance it was already 10pm, so Iluta and I toke a taxi and went to my aunts place. We ate some sushi and chilled. Next day we drove to center and went to cinema. I finally saw Catching fire. Best movie ever. (or not, because I love lots of movies) *Crying* 
After that we went to shopping mall.  I didn't fing anything! I was so annoyed, because I had to find outfit for Christmas ball at school. But I bought cozy jacket, sweater, flats, gold chain and a dress. That dress was like ''omg I can't find anything so I am going to try on the first dress I see''. But I kinda like it.   Tomorrow I have to go to doctor, I hope everything will be okay. 
How was your weekend? <3

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