Hi! I'm a bit late, but - Merry Christmas! <3 I'm so tired right now. I have slept only 2 hours today. I went out with my friends yesterday. I went home at 3 am but I couldn't sleep til 7 am. Oh, I was so angry haha. Then I finally slept til 10 pm. I stayed in my bed for few more hours and then got up to bake some patties. After that I cleaned almost all my room, that's why I am so tired. You probably don't care why I am so tired haha. 
What did you do on Christmas? :) I am so full from eating all the time. I had a cute Christmas evening with my family. And I'm still waiting for one present I ordered a week ago. I hope I will receive it soon and I will show it you! 
Now I'm thinking about the fact that it's going to be 2014 in five days. I'm thinking about some changes in my appearance. I want to cut off a few cm's and dye them darker. Hopefully, I'm going to do it soon! 


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