Hi! Tomorrow is the last day in Cyprus, I will go home in thursday night. To be honest I actually want to go home. It's so warm here, food is perfect, my hotel room is the coolest I've ever seen (It's two floors and the design is just amazing), I love to swim and tan all day, go on tours, but I want home. We went to South Cyprus Monday. It was kinda boring and hard, because of +30*C, but I kinda liked it. Here is some pictures of last days! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram: doloresaonzule
Selfie before dinner

Evening on my balcony.. So beautiful view from it!

So many cats here and that is the thing I love! I just wanna hug them all

Panoramas in Aphrodite bay. So beautiful there.

Tanning by the pool and drinking pina colada at 1 pm. What can be better? 

I will miss this chair, haha

Food here is just.. *asdfgh* Everything is so tasty and I want to eat it all!

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