Hi! 3 lovely days! Thursday I drove to Riga with aunt and sis and we just chilled in aunts apartment that evening. Next day we got ready and drove to Estonia, Parnu. Spent some quality time with godparents and sister. We just walked around the seaside and old city. And tried to find a good place to eat haha. We found one lovely place with nice food and great service. I could say we drove to Parnu only to eat some lunch :D We drove to market after that and then back to Riga, Latvia. Today sis, my aunt and I went to shopping centre to buy some new clothes and an iPhone for me. I bought some cute clothes, but sadly iPhones were out of stock.. :( I hope to get it before my birthday, which is in less than two monts haha.
Oh, and I have some problems with my header. Why so poor quality? I make a qualitative header but when it uploads it looks awful.

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