Hey! Sorry for barely posting anything :( Happy first day of summer! I am so happy about my grades! 8 in Latvian and 9 in English exam. I have last 2 exams to go - math and history. I don't know how I will pass them, because I don't know anything. But, It's gonna be ok! Yesterday I got 30 Ls for good grades from City Council. Proud! Later I went to meet some of my friends, had soo much fun. Partied all night til the sun came up. I've slept only 3 hours, but I still feel fresh and nice! Today I had breakfast at Hesburgers and after that I went to see my bro dancing. So cute! <3 I just got home from my friends house, chilled with ice cream and good music. Now I'm probably gonna go to sleep. Have a great night! Kisses! <3

Mmm. I love bright colors in outfits, when I'm tanned. Accidentaly fell asleep on my trampoline, thats why I'm so brown :D
mint shorts from h&m 

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