Hey! I can really say spring is coming. One of the thing's why I can say that - wet feet haha :D Yesterday I went to school and my feet was so wet! The snow is melting, the situation on the streets is awful, but I am happy anyways. because it's like +5*C outside and sun shines so bright <33 By the way, today at class my teacher asked what date it is. I'm like - it's already february? Say whaat? Few days ago was like first january  :D Time is running so fast, can't wait for the march, april and of course may! I already know when my exams will happen - at the end of may. Can't waiiiiit :D Thank God it's friday, tomorrow my aunt will visit us, happyy!
Here is some pictures from weheartit. My daily dose of inspiration! Kisses, have a good weekend!

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